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Welcome to the 2nd edition of the International Conference on Inhibitors in Coagulation Disorders.

The first edition in 2016 approached this important topic in an effort to exchange views and create a network between researchers, international regulatory institutions and the industry for better cooperation in this field. (See slides and videos of the 2016 Conference at INHIBITORS 2016).

The 2nd Conference will focus on the most novel advances in basic science and clinical research for inhibitor development prevention and control at a time when new products and approaches are emerging on the international scene. Their complete understanding is important to both physicians and researchers to update our strategies towards haemophilia treatment.
In addition to the educational scope, the conference aims at showcasing the newest findings from the industry as well as from independent research groups.

Abstracts from independent researchers are most welcome and will be featured as oral communications during a special ‘Walking session’ in which the presenter should be younger than 36 years-old.

Abstracts from the industry are also welcome: only the best ones from each company will be presented in a dedicated session named “Industry Research Oral Communication Session” hosting up to 6 communications.

We are pleased to announce that 2 travel grants have been made available by one of our sponsors (Sobi) to enable the best researchers from faraway countries cover their participation costs. Applications should be sent to and should be accompanied by a CV and a list of recent publications. Please visit this page for more details: TRAVEL GRANT

The Venues
This year’s conference is going to be held in more than one venue, allowing attendees to enjoy Milan at most by walking to a different location every day. The opening day will be hosted by the University of Milan Ca’ Granda University, dating back to 1456 as one of the oldest hospitals in Italy, founded by Duke Francesco Sforza. The second day will be held in a nearby 19th Century institution. The social events will be organized along a proposed itinerary through the Brera district, well known for its museum, aperitif bars, botanical gardens, restaurants and nightlife.

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