EDA Board private meeting



Giovanna Iannantuoni (Italy), Arjen Slooter (The Netherlands), Giuseppe Bellelli (Italy)


Plenary Session 1

Lessons learned about COVID-19-related delirium

Chairs: Alessandro Morandi (Italy), Stefan Kreisel (Germany)

The impact of delirium with COVID-19: a pandemic within the pandemic?

Alessandra Marengoni (Italy)

The pathophysiology of delirium in SARS-CoV2 infection: something new?

Thomas Jackson (UK)

COVID-19 and delirium detection in practice: what lessons can we learn?

Alasdair MacLullich (UK)

Long-COVID: neurocognitive sequelae

Alessandro Padovani (Italy)


Coffee break


Keynote Lecture

Chair: Arjen Slooter (The Netherlands)

Exploring the relationship between delirium and Lewy body dementia

Annachiara Cagnin (Italy)


Plenary Session 2

Delirium pathophysiology

Chairs: Thomas Jackson (UK), Silvia Brunelli (Italy)

Cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers

Leiv Otto Watne (Norway)

Bioenergetic insufficiency as a mechanism for delirium development

Colm Cunningham (Ireland)

Functional connectivity biomarkers of delirium

Edwin van Dellen (The Netherlands)


Lunch Symposium

Sedation and delirium in intensive care unit

Chairs: Giuseppe Citerio (Italy), Stefano Romagnoli (Italy)

Drugs, strategies, and outcome

Federico Bilotta (Italy)

How to monitor sedation: from clinical to instrumental tools

Stefano Romagnoli (Italy)

Guidelines and recommendations: where are we?

Chiara Robba (Italy)





Parallel Session 3

Neurophysiological and fluid biomarkers in human delirium research

Chairs: Colm Cunningham (Ireland)

Clinical and Quantitative EEG changes as proxy measures of cytokine and brain network interactions in delirium

Robert Fleischmann (Germany)

Biomarker-guided pattern recognition – Can we track pathophysiological steps of delirium using body fluid biomarkers?

Johannes Ehler (Germany)

Electrophysiological markers for the prediction of post stroke delirium

Annerose Mengel (Germany)

Parallel Session 4

Delirium diagnosis

Chairs: Liz Sampson (UK), Alasdair MacLullich (Scotland)

Brief and reliable: update on the tools to detect delirium in ED

Wolfgang Hasemann (Switzerland)

Why delirium diagnosis is so hard to do in acute and surgical wards?

Suzanne Timmons (Ireland)

How much of a burden is the systematic screening of delirium in palliative care?

Meera Agar (Australia)


Coffee break


Parallel Session 5

Brain barriers and neuroinflammation during systemic inflammation

Chairs: Leiv Otto Watne (Norway), Silvia Brunelli (Italy)

Dynamic opening and closing of the choroid plexus vascular barrier during gut inflammation

Maria Rescigno (Italy)

Chemokines at brain barriers during systemic inflammation in mice and humans: associations with blood CSF barrier permeability and delirium

Paul Denver (Ireland)

New tools to study blood-brain barrier dysfunction in postoperative delirium

Niccolo Terrando (US)

Parallel Session 6

Oral presentations from submitted abstracts

Chairs: Christine Thomas (Germany), Emma Vardy (UK)

The role of preoperative anxiety in the development of postoperative delirium in older surgical patients: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Kelu Yang (Belgium)

Co-occurence of anaemia and delirium in older inpatients with hip fractures

Stefano Volpato (Italy)

Quality of life, cognitive and functional trajectories associated with postoperative delirium: a prospective cohort study in hip fracture patients with 1- and 3-month follow-up

Lucía Lozano Vicario (Spain)

Delirium-related Distress and Recovery Challenges Associated with COVID-19: an online survey

Heidi Lindroth (US)

Frailty and delirium: prevalence in a cohort of older patients undergoing elective neurosurgery

Valentina Stella (Italy)

Impairment of central language processing in critically-ill COVID-19 patients with delirium

William Buffieres (France)

Pre-critical illness frailty and delirium-coma free days in critically ill adults

Nathan Brummel (US)

Predictors of severe delirium in Covid-19: an observational study on 2288 consecutive hospitalized patients

Viviana Cristillo (Italy)

Delirium and dysphagia: is there an association in elderly patients admitted to a rehabilitation setting?

Eleonora Grossi (Italy)





EDA General Assembly Meeting


Welcome to day 2 of EDA 2022


Parallel Session 1

Joint symposium EDA EuGMS

Chairs: Emma Cunningham (UK), Daniel Davis (UK)

Melatoninergic drugs and orexin inhibitors to prevent delirium

Carolina Lombardi (Italy)

Medications and delirium: a complex relationship

Antonio Cherubini (Italy)

Preventing delirium in cardiac and non-cardiac surgical patients

Christine Thomas (Germany)

Parallel Session 2

Delirium in ICU: new insights

Chairs: Timothy Girard (US), Simone Piva (Italy)

Sedation and pain management in ICU: this is the question

Nina Christine Andersen-Ranberg (Denmark)

Improving ICU patients’ environment to decrease the delirium burden

Alawi Lütz (Germany)

The future of delirium management in the ICU: new perspectives

Pratik Pandharipande (US)


Coffee break


Keynote Lecture

Chair: Giuseppe Bellelli (Italy)

The challenge of delirium and dementia follow-up in the community

Daniel Davis (UK)


Parallel Session 3

Pediatric management of delirium

Chairs: Andrea Biondi (Italy), Jacqueline Strik (Netherlands)

Guidelines on the detection and prevention of pediatric delirium

Heidi Smith (US)

Non-pharmacological interventions to prevent delirium in pediatric patients

Bronagh Blackwood (Ireland)

Parallel Session 4

Postoperative delirium

Chairs: Simone Piva (Italy), Cynthia Olotu (Germany)

Risk factor of postoperative delirium

Maria Wittmann (Germany)

Sleep disturbances and postoperative delirium outside the ICU

Federico Bilotta (Italy)

Parallel Session 5

Oral presentations from submitted abstracts

Chairs: Paolo Mazzola (Italy), Bjorn Erik Neerland (Norway)

Postoperative delirium is associated with grey matter brain volume loss

Bob Walraad (The Netherlands)

Dysregulation of cerebral autoregulation as a pathophysiological mechanism underlying delirium: A precision medicine approach to ICU delirium

Jasmine Khan (Canada)

Assessing recovery from delirium in older hospitalised patients: validation of the 4AT

Haruno McCartney (UK)

Targeted metabolomics of the cerebrospinal fluid suggests impaired glucose utilization in the brain in delirium following hip fracture

Irit Titlestad (Norway)

Randomised double-blind, placebo-controlled phase III trial of oral melatonin for the prevention of delirium in hospital in people with advanced cancer

Meera Agar (Australia)

Eight year follow-up of an observational Cohort of postoperative delirium in an older elective arthroplasty population – preliminary cognitive outcomes

Aoife Sweeney (UK)


Light lunch


Parallel Session 6

Delirium in non-hospital care settings

Chairs: Wolfgang Hasemann (Switzerland)

Diagnosing delirium in the community

Maria Krogseth (Norway)

Delirium management in rehabilitation

Neus Gual (Spain)

Delirium superimposed on dementia in non-hospital care settings

Shibley Rahman (UK)

Parallel Session 7

Shaping the next step of research and education on delirium: challenges and opportunities

Chairs: James Rudolph (US), Birgitta Olofsson (Sweden)

New perspectives in delirium research

Gideon Caplan (Australia)

Multimodal prehabilitation and delirium prevention

Stefan Kreisel (Germany)

Teaching delirium at medical schools: challenges and opportunities

Andrew Teodorczuk (Australia)





Announcement of EDA 2023, ADS 2023, ADA 2023

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