EDA Board private meeting



Giovanna Iannantuoni (Italy), Arjen Slooter (The Netherlands), Giuseppe Bellelli (Italy)


Plenary Session 1

Lessons learned about COVID-19-related delirium

Chairs: Alessandro Morandi (Italy)

The impact of delirium with COVID-19: a pandemic within the pandemic?

Alessandra Marengoni (Italy)

The pathophysiology of delirium in SARS-CoV2 infection: something new?

Thomas Jackson (UK)

COVID-19 and delirium detection in practice: what lessons can we learn?

Alasdair Maclullich (UK)

Long-COVID: neurocognitive sequelae

Alessandro Padovani (Italy)


Coffee break & Poster viewing


Keynote Lecture

Exploring the relationship between delirium and Lewy Body Dementia

Annachiara Cagnin (Italy)


Plenary Session 2

Delirium pathophysiology

Chairs: TBD

Cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers

Leiv Otto Watne (Norway)

Bioenergetic insufficiency as a mechanism for delirium development

Colm Cunningham (Ireland)

Functional connectivity biomarkers of delirium

Edwin Van Dellen (The Netherlands)


Light lunch & Poster viewing


Parallel Session 3

Neurophysiological and fluid biomarkers in human delirium research

Chairs: TBD

Clinical and Quantitative EEG changes as proxy measures of cytokine and brain network interactions in delirium

Robert Fleischmann (Germany)

Biomarker-guided pattern recognition – Can we track pathophysiological steps of delirium using body fluid biomarkers?

Johannes Ehler (Germany)

Electrophysiological markers for the prediction of post stroke delirium

AnneRose Mengel (Germany)

Parallel Session 4

Delirium diagnosis

Chairs: Giuseppe Bellelli (Italy)

Brief and reliable: update on the tools to detect delirium in ED

Wolfgang Hasemann (Switzerland)

Why delirium diagnosis is so hard to do in acute and surgical wards?


How much of a burden is the systematic screening of delirium in palliative care?

Meera Agar (Australia)

Parallel Session 5

Oral presentations

Chairs: TBD

Oral presentations from submitted abstracts


Coffee break & Poster viewing


Parallel Session 6

Brain barriers and neuroinflammation during systemic inflammation

Chairs: TBD

Dynamic opening and closing of the choroid plexus vascular barrier during gut inflammation

Maria Rescigno (Italy)

Chemokines at brain barriers during systemic inflammation in mice and humans: associations with blood CSF barrier permeability and delirium

Paul Denver (Ireland)

New tools to study blood-brain barrier dysfunction in postoperative delirium

Niccolo Terrando (US)

Parallel Session 7

Oral presentations

Chairs: TBD

Oral presentations from submitted abstracts


EDA General Assembly Meeting


Social event


Welcome to day 2 of EDA 2022


Parallel Session 1

Joint symposium EDA EuGMS

Chairs: TBD

Melatoninergic drugs and orexin inhibitors to prevent delirium


Medications and delirium: a complex relationship

Antonio Cherubini (Italy)

Preventing delirium in cardiac and non-cardiac surgical patients

Christine Thomas (Germany)

Parallel Session 2

Delirium in ICU: new insights

Chairs: Pratik Pandharipande (US)

Sedation and pain management in ICU: this is the question

Giuseppe Citerio (Italy)

Virtual Reality to cope with post-ICU delirium problems


The optimal delirium environment in the ICU

Alawi Luetz (Germany)


Coffee break & Poster viewing


Plenary Session 3

Pediatric management of delirium

Chairs: Andrea Biondi (Italy)

Guidelines on the detection and prevention of pediatric delirium

Heidi Smith (US)

Non-pharmacological interventions to prevent delirium in pediatric patients

Bronagh Blackwood (Ireland)


Keynote Lecture

The challenge of delirium and dementia follow-up in the community

Daniel Davis (UK)


Risk factor of postoperative delirium

Maria Wittmann (Germany)

Sleep disturbances and postoperative delirium outside the ICU

Federico Bilotta (Italy)


Light lunch & Poster viewing


Parallel Session 4

Delirium in non-hospital care settings

Chairs: Alessandro Morandi (Italy)

Diagnosing delirium in the community


Delirium management in rehabilitation

Neus Gual (Spain)

Delirium superimposed on dementia in non-hospital care settings

Shibley Rahman (UK)

Parallel Session 5

Shaping the next step of research and education on delirium: challenges and opportunities

Chairs: TBD

New perspectives in delirium research

Gideon Caplan (Australia)

Multimodal prehabilitation and delirium prevention

Stefan Kreisel (Germany)

Teaching delirium at medical schools: challenges and opportunities

Andrew Teodorczuk (Australia)


Coffee break & Poster viewing


Announcement of EDA 2023, ADS 2023, ADA 2023

Maeve Leonard Award

Closing remarks