Friday, March 4th 2016

09:00 10:00

Mechanisms of inhibitor development

Chair: Sebastien Lacroix Desmazes (France)

Allo and autoantibodies

Sebastien Lacroix Desmazes (France)

The role of B and T cells and novel therapeutical approach

David W Scott (USA)

10:00 11:00

Inhibitor data collection systems

Chair: Mike Makris (UK)

National registries: UK, French, Canadian

Jenny Goudemand (France)

European data collections on previosuly untreated patients (PUPs)

Marijke van den Berg (the Netherlands)

Inhibitors in previously treated patients (PTP)

Mike Makris (UK)

11:30 12:30 Chair: Marijke van den Berg (the Netherlands)

Inhibitors in mild hemophilia. INSIGHT study

Alice S. van Velzen (the Netherlands)


Clinical significance of low and high titer inhibitors

Elena Santagostino (Italy)

14:00 15:30

Inhibitor development in previoiusly untreated patients (PUPs)

Chair: Keith W. Hoots (USA)

Role of von Willebrand factor for concentrate immunogenicity

David Lillicrap (Canada)

Results of SIPPET study

Frits R. Rosendaal (the Netherlands)

How EMA and FDA are tackling the problem of inhibitor development

Anneliese Hilger (EMA) and Jay Epstein, Zuben E. Sauna (FDA)

15:30 16:00

Genetics of inhibitors. How next generation sequencing can help to better understand the inhibitor risk

Chair: Elena Santagostino (Italy)
Johannes Oldenburg (Germany)

16:20 16:40

Cost of inhibitor treatment. A pharmacoeconomical perspective

Chair: Frits R. Rosendaal (the Netherlands)
Lorenzo Mantovani (Italy)

16:40 17:20

Treatment of inhibitors

Chair: Flora Peyvandi (Italy) and David Lillicrap (Canada)

Our experience on bypassing therapy in patients with inhibitors. Success and failures: what else is necessary?

Maria Elisa Mancuso (Italy)

The role of non replacement products (antithrombin, anti TFPI, bi-specific antibody)

David Lillicrap (Canada)

17:20 18:00

Optimal diagnosis and treatment of patients with acquired hemophilia

Chair: Pier Mannuccio Mannucci (Italy)
Craig Kessler (USA)